3 Reasons Why You May Need Dental Implants

3 Reasons Why You May Need Dental Implants

Your smile is one of the most noticeable and important aspects of your personality, and hence you should take good care of it by taking care of your dental hygiene and appearance. In addition to their obvious aesthetic aspect, your teeth have a significant role in your everyday life in terms of helping you consume the nutrition you need, allowing you to speak properly, and maintaining your facial structure. Individuals with imperfect and missing teeth lack social confidence, and the pertaining effects of an unconfident smile tend to leave an impact on one’s personality in the long run. This is where dental implants come in. 

A dental implant is essentially when an actual tooth root is replaced by an entirely artificial root made of ceramic or titanium. This root is screwed onto an individual’s jaw which is followed by a crown or an artificial tooth coming on top of it. Dental implants have a success rate, and given below are three reasons why you may need dental implants:

1. If you have missing teeth

If you have missing or chipped teeth, not are your missing teeth going to grow from your jawbone and neither are your chipped ones going to heal themselves. The only long-term solution to missing and chipped teeth are dental implants. While you may think that you don’t need to replace missing teeth, take note that missing teeth can lead to a change in the shape of your mouth and face as the teeth surrounding the gap are likely to shift towards it to fill the space. This would further put your existing teeth at a high risk of cracking.

2. If you have loose or tight dentures

While dentures are a popular solution to dentures, they are not permanent and are not placed in your mouth 24/7. While their removable nature may seem like a convenience early on, in the long run, they can lead you to lose your natural face shape as removing them from time to time can still contribute to your teeth moving to close gaps in your mouth. This may cause your dentures to be Ill-fitted, and hence also lead to health problems in the long run. A better solution to dentures is hence getting dental implants.

3. If you have an infected tooth

An infected tooth that has been attacked by cavities can be very painful and cause discomfort to the individual. An infection in your tooth, if left on its own accord for long, can infect other teeth and also cause damage to your gums. While the first line of action should be to preserve your natural teeth, it isn’t feasible or possible in many cases and an extraction is required. In such cases, dental implants are important to preserve your jaw and protect your smile.


Dental implants have become a necessity for most individuals with dental issues, and are a great solution as they require minimal maintenance and have a long life. Implants also help prevent future dental problems to a certain degree and help restore function for your mouth and beauty to your smile.

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