3 Must-Have Over-The-Counter Medications

Taking medication is a normal procedure and step doctors majorly recommended to do so whenever a patient visits any health care professional. Since, sticking to your specific medication routine i.e. medication adherence and taking it at a particular time, in a specified manner, and in a limited dose, is a must to get rid of diseases, prevent lethal syndromes, and stop your illness from getting it worse. It’s been reported that, taking the wrong medication cause annually approx. 125000 mortalities. These are only because of the adverse and extra effects of medications. As these are the chemical compounds that within a limited dose, create a positive effect and can itself react as a toxin if taken inappropriately.

All these medicines are mainly categorized in two forms i.e. prescribed and non-prescribed drugs. The prescribed medications are all those pills that can only be taken with the approval of a doctor’s prescription and hence can’t be taken by one’s own wish. Since these aren’t available at the pharmacy’s counter. First, you need to show a doctor’s approval letter, then you can have it. Another profound category is medications that can be taken without presenting a consultant’s prescription letter and you can have it directly from the pharmacy’s counter. These are termed Over-the-counter Medications. The category mainly includes Multivitamins, Cough Suppressants, NSAIDs, Anti-Allergic Medications, Laxatives, Antacids, etc. You can have further descriptions concerting OTC types in the below-mentioned paragraphs.

1- Pain Relievers 

These medication categories are mainly called NSAIDs i.e. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. These drugs mainly disconnect the pain sensation with the brain, since you can only feel pain when your brain makes you feel about it. So the connection usually got detached and hence, one remains unable to feel pain. Even though the pain remains initiating at that particular affected area, the person will no longer feel it and therefore, these medications are called pain relievers. These drugs aren’t only supposed to resolve ache issues, but also are very helpful in taking body temperature back to its normal level if someone would have a high-grade fever, that’s why also being considered as Anti-Pyretic Medications too. You can directly have it for any kind of discomfort with Nownow Coupon Code.

2- Cough Suppressants

These agents are intended to reduce the intensity and frequency of cough by diluting the mucous concentration plus broadening the throat linings to permit air to get passed easily from the airways and one will no longer have any difficulty while breathing. These mainly include the ingredients such as codeine, dextromethorphan, diphenhydramine, promethazine, etc. These are called antitussive agents and only work on a short-term basis. You need to take them regularly to have a more profound effect. There are separate medications for dry as well as wet coughs since wet cough medications are anticipated to minimize the cough intensity and frequency and dry cough medications are subjected to liquefy that particular throat region. 

3- Multivitamins 

These are the organic chemicals that must be taken on a daily basis since these agents get pissed off through urine. Multivitamins have major effects on our body from strengthening bones to enlightening skin tone. Not only this, these are majorly involved in establishing the body’s defensive system, helping in the wound healing process, and boosting overall bodily energy levels. One must have to take an appropriate dose of these vitamins to have better bodily organ functions. You can have these multivitamins at your door steps straightforwardly with Nownow Discount.


OTC medications are mainly included those drugs which don’t require doctor’s prescription, hence these medications too are having some side effects, to prior knowledge before taking any of them is must. However, vitamins are an essential part of our diet one shouldn’t avoid taking them. These are naturally present in fruits and vegetables, but can’t meet their true requirements just by taking fruits, you can only fulfill this nutrition gap just by having multivitamins on a daily basis as it has a profound effect on your overall bodily internal organ systems so miss any daily dose of your multivitamin.  

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