10 Qualities Hireable Physician Assistants Must Have

Physician Assistants (PAs) are the glue that holds many medical facilities’ operations together. Knowing that your skill set is up to the standards of the industry can help you immensely if you’re looking for a new PA job. Without the right knowledge, however, knowing what skills job recruiters are seeking in PAs can become difficult. To help you out on your journey, here are ten qualities hireable physician assistants must have:

1. Collaboration Skills

Because you’ll be assisting a wide range of medical professionals day-to-day, you must excel at collaboration. Having recommendations from past co-workers and bosses that highlight your collaboration skills will boost your hireability immensely. The more adept you are at switching your focus, the more you will excel at collaborating in your position as a PA.

2. Flexibility

Being flexible during your daily work will make you infinitely more hireable as a PA. Because you’ll be moving between tasks at a sometimes rapid-fire rate, the flexibility you bring to the job will prove highly beneficial. Since you have complex skills, you’ll also unlock flexibility in finding PA work, so never settle for a job that does not live up to your standards.

3. Communication Skills

As a PA, you’ll be the go-between for many different professionals. Knowing how to communicate complex, specific, and medically sound information in a quick, efficient manner allows both you and your co-workers to do their jobs effectively. Additionally, you’ll need the ability to communicate with patients in a way that properly informs them of their state of health, while not disturbing or confusing them.

4. Calm Demeanor

Despite the sometimes hectic environment, you’ll be working in, being able to demonstrate a sense of calmness will help you do your job more efficiently and will keep patients at ease. Many patients will find themselves anxious whenever they are in a hospital or doctor’s office setting, so knowing how to present yourself in a way that will keep both you and the patient calm is of utmost importance.

5. Adaptability

When you’re working as a PA, you need the ability to switch from one task to another as quickly as possible. Without this ability, you’ll find yourself disoriented, and put patients in potentially dangerous situations while you recalibrate your state of mind. Being able to demonstrate your adaptability, and ability to learn new skills on the job will make you much more hireable as a PA. Having more specialized, modern skills, such as coding can also make you a dream hire for many job recruiters.

6. Solution-Oriented Personality

Having a solution-oriented personality will help you avoid moments where you feel completely lost. As a PA, one of your key responsibilities is to keep the show running as smoothly as possible. Without this dedication, your other skills will not be applied day-to-day on your job as effectively.

7. Compassion

Not all news you’ll be delivering as a PA will be good. Knowing how to communicate in a way that demonstrates compassion will help you get through each day and will allow you to serve your patients as compassionately and effectively as possible. A strong sense of compassion will help you ensure you’re treating your patients in a way that maximizes their comfort, and ability to heal, as well.

8. Confidence

Second-guessing yourself when you’re on the job can be disastrous for PAs. Knowing what you’re doing at all times will ensure you execute your job in a safe, professional, and effective manner. Without a strong sense of confidence, you’ll have a hard time securing and excelling at interviews for PA jobs, so working on your confidence is always a good investment for job-seeking PAs. You’ll need the confidence to gain one of the US’s best jobs.

9. Detail Oriented

Since you’ll be communicating, filing, and reviewing a constant stream of medical and patient information, you need to be as detail-oriented as possible. With the right eye for detail, you can better serve patients, and assist other medical professionals in treating them. Making your resume sharp, clearly stated, and aesthetically pleasing will further demonstrate your detail-oriented nature to recruiters.

10. Emotional Stability

Being a PA can prove to be a taxing experience. Without an emotionally stable mind and personal life, the stress can compound dangerously. Demonstrating your emotional stability in your day-to-day work, and during any job interviews, will help convince potential recruiters that you’re up to the task. If you need help with your emotional stability, there is help out there.

The Perfect PA Job is Waiting for You

With the right grit and determination, you’ll find a PA job that’s absolutely perfect for your needs, and professional expectations. Each of these ten skills are essential for a successful PA in today’s work climate, so demonstrating that you hold them within your skill set becomes critical to your ability to find the perfect PA job.

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