10+ gorgeous African American Christmas decorations to try this year

Christmas decorations

The Christmas season is a time of joy, happiness, and family. It’s also a time when many people like to show their creative side by decorating their homes inside and out. If you’re looking for some new ideas for your African American Christmas decorations this year, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re looking for something different to add a bit of flair to your Christmas decor this year, why not try some African American-inspired decorations? From beautiful wreaths made with ribbon and beads to unique ornaments, these decorations are sure to add personality to your holiday décor. So check out these 10+ ideas and get started on your own unique African American Christmas look:

1. Ribbons and Beads Wreath

This wreath is one of the easiest to make, yet looks gorgeous! All you’ll need are a wire wreath form, gold Christmas ribbons, beads in different colors, and a hot glue gun. Cut your ribbons into small pieces approximately 20-inches long. Staple them around your wire wreath form in an alternating pattern with the beads placed between each ribbon every so often.

2. Traditional African American Quilt Patterns

Decorate your home with this traditional African American quilt pattern. This wall hanging is a project that you can easily make with just a piece of fabric, two pieces of solid-colored fabric for the borders, and sewing supplies.

3. African American Santa Claus

Add some festive Black Santa Claus décor to your Christmas tree this year! Making this decoration is fairly simple if you have an old black suit and some white faux fur lying around at home or in storage. If not, simply find these items at garage sales or thrift stores. Then all you’ll need to do is cut up the faux fur, glue it onto your Santa Claus suit, and stick some cotton balls on for snow.

4. African American Wreath

Here’s another wreath which you can make easily if you have some ribbon and beads lying around at home. This one features a large red bow with four smaller white bows attached to the main bow using gold pins. The rest of this decoration is made up of colorful ribbons draped across the frame along with some Christmas-tree inspired beads.

5. African American Christmas Tree Skirt

This fabulous Christmas tree skirt was designed by Martha Stewart especially for an African American family who wanted their décor to reflect their culture during the holiday season. It’s a simple DIY project that you can create with just red and green fabrics, fabric glue, and ribbon.

6. African American Santa Claus Salt and Pepper Shakers

These adorable salt and pepper shakers will look great on your dinner table this Christmas! They were designed by Nashville-based Etsy shop owner Lizzy Katey Designs to bring some festive joy to the holiday season for African Americans who want their décor to reflect their culture during the holidays.

7. Ribbon Wreath Ornament

This is an ornament that you’re sure to love hanging from the tree! All you’ll need are two pieces of green felt (one 3×10-inch piece and one 3×12-inch piece), a hot glue gun, some ribbon (green and gold), felt scraps in different colors (a black star, red bow tie, white Santa hat, two eyes with eyelashes, and two small Christmas trees).

8. African American Christmas Mantel

Here’s another great idea for adding some flair to your mantel during the holiday season! This DIY project was created by designer Wendy Addison Ford. It features African American ornaments made of tag board that are simply tied onto the garland using colored twine or string. You can get creative with these decorations by gluing on paper clips, rhinestones, sequins, buttons, beads—the list is endless!

9. African American Candy Cane Pattern

Decorate your tree with these African American candy cane ornaments. They were created by Etsy shop owner Heather Pappas who was inspired to create this pattern after seeing a similar ornament at Anthropologie.

10. African American Paper Star and Stripes Garland and Wreath

This wreath and garland would be perfect for decorating the outside of your home during the holiday season! You’ll need to cut out star shapes from scrapbook paper (red, green, white), Christmas-tree baubles (red, green, gold), card stock paper (white), yarn (green and red), wire (2 feet for wreath; 10 feet for garland). 11. Gilded Beaded Wreath Ornament

Here’s another ornament that you can make using a wire wreath frame, gold beads, and red ribbons. Simply string the beads onto the ribbon and tie it onto your wreath frame.

12. African American Christmas Centerpiece

This stunning centerpiece was created by designer Wendy Addison Ford who spent much of her childhood living in Africa where she discovered an appreciation for her African heritage. For this design, she used a color palette of rich purple fabrics accented with gold for a lavish look—perfect as a statement piece to set the tone for any dinner party!


It’s the most wonderful time of year and we hope that you get to enjoy it with your family. These 10+ gorgeous African American Christmas decorations will make any house feel festive. There are many ways for everyone in your home to feel like they got a little bit of Christmas magic this holiday season withAfrican American family culture in place.

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