10 blogs you should read that cover topics regarding technology and construction.

It’s critical to keep up with the latest technological breakthroughs in order to stay ahead of the curve in today’s world. The same is true in construction; with new techniques and materials being invented all the time, it’s critical to keep informed in order to make the best decisions possible for your project. We’ve produced a list of 10 blogs that cover both technology and construction to assist you.

The Best Construction and Technology Blogs 

There are numerous excellent technology and construction blogs available. Many of these are highly technical and geared toward industry professionals, but this list includes some of the best of both worlds, with a few that are written by industry leaders themselves. The following are ten of the best:

Carol Hagen 

This is a B2B and B2C social media consultant that specializes in construction software. This blog covers everything from project management to safety in the construction industry. Interviews with industry professionals and insights into the current construction trends are also included. She is committed to assisting the construction industry in implementing cutting-edge technology in order to improve business processes. Her construction technology blog covers a wide range of topics, including everything from construction accounting software to mobile apps.

Extranet Evolution

Created by Paul Wilkinson, a PR, and marketing specialist in the United Kingdom who specializes in building collaboration technologies. This blog covers technology-related news and trends that aid collaboration among numerous trade contractors and main contractors. Check it out to stay up to date on the latest advancements and what makes them stand out. 

This section is a great place to look for the latest in innovation and features. We recommend checking it out to keep track of what’s new, what makes them unique, and how they work.


Conappguru is a construction-related blog that covers emerging technology and applications. Rob McKinney, a self-taught construction technologist, focuses on how technology is altering the construction business and strives to teach about new applications and technologies for improved construction project management. It covers 3D printing, drones, and virtual reality, among other things.

Smartbidnet Blog 

The Smartbidnet Blog features posts about how to use construction technologies in real estate that are both practical and interesting. We also go over the most up-to-date technologies, smart software, and solutions that can help you get more work done more quickly and efficiently. This site is the place to be if you want to start a profitable business, invest in cloud-based technologies, or use project management software.


A highly-rated magazine that focuses on construction and technology journals where you can get the latest construction news, reviews, comments, and profiles of cutting-edge construction enterprises, among other things. The journal covers a wide range of technology-related issues, including reviews, news, and features.

Construction Dive 

The Construction Dive daily email and website report on breaking industry news, features, data, and commentary on the most impactful trends shaping the construction building industry. They cover topics such as green building, regulations and sustainability, commercial building, residential building, design management, and more.

It is a prominent source of building industry news, analysis, and statistics. It is a website that covers the latest construction news and provides in-depth analyses of various construction topics. with its team of expert editors, brings you the latest construction news, opinions, and insight from around the world to help you understand what’s going on right now – and what it means for your business.


Sourceable is a publication that features tales about buildings, design, and architecture that are both strong and inspiring. Sourceable Media publishes a series of periodicals that depict the most recent trends and technologies in the built environment. This publication is an excellent resource for construction companies and architects who want to stay current on industry trends.

Construction Informer Blog

The blog offers construction-related information and invites industry professionals to engage in “free spirit debates about building structures and the things that make up the built environment.” The site is run by a group of experienced writers who give articles on the industry’s most recent trends, strategies, and events. The blog is also a terrific resource for anyone interested in learning more about current and past industry trends.

Jetson Green 

It’s a blog that focuses on natural materials, green technology, and construction innovation in order to develop and build environmentally friendly homes. Jetson Green provides a new path for the construction industry as well as examples of several sustainable projects that may be applied in your home or business. Case studies, product profiles, book reviews, articles about environmentally friendly design and architecture, and news updates may all be found here. From homeowners to renters, architects to developers and builders, the site caters to anybody interested in creating a more sustainable future.

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